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New Hires

New hires (those not already in our payroll system) should print, fill out, and deliver to the Job Steward or Business Agent the forms included in the "NEW-HIRE-FORMS.pdf" file available below. Ideally, you should have them completed and ready before the job begins. If these forms must be delivered via envelope, send them to our MAILING address and notify your Job Steward or an Officer to be on the lookout for them. You may find the full instructions for these forms in a separate file called "NEW-HIRE-INSTRUCTIONS.pdf".

Along with the above forms you will need to provide originals or photocopies of either your PASSPORT -or- a combination of your DRIVER'S LICENSE (or State ID) AND your SOCIAL SECURITY CARD (or Birth Certificate). Consult the I-9 instructions for a full list of acceptable forms of ID.


You should have enough New Hire packets to process any crew members who have not been paid through UTP. The "NEW-HIRE-FORMS" file below collects them in one place. You should also retain a few Incident Report packets, collected in the "ALL-INCIDENT-REPORT-DOCS" file below. There is also a blank sign-in sheet available for your use.

Incident reports can be filled out online and submitted directly to UTP Group on their website.

If you are the steward on a call you are responsible for getting new hires to (completely and correctly!) fill out all necessary forms and for PROMPTLY submitting those forms along with your Steward Reports to the Business Agent for invoicing.