Dues Payment

Membership in Local 320 comes at the cost of quarterly dues, which is upon the Member to pay in advance to remain in Good Standing. We offer a number of options for partial or full payment:

Dues for 2017 cost $62 per quarter.

Click below to add dues to a PayPal Shopping Cart! No account necessary.

Stamps by Year


PayPal will email you a transaction receipt, and you will be issued a paper receipt from Local 320. All monies received will be credited to your membership, so don't worry about "buying the wrong thing".

If you have questions about your standing or how to pay dues, call or email the Treasurer.

Prompt payment of dues and being in Good Standing with their Local empowers members to attend meetings, vote on issues, and have a voice in their Union, as well as raises eligibility for work calls. Members two or more quarters in arrears risk expulsion from the Body. (Fixing that mistake can become quite costly. Ask us why!)